One of the biggest consumers of asbestos-containing products is Australia.

We used these toxic products to build homes and commercial buildings due to its affordability and effectiveness at insulating heat.

Unfortunately, even with the government’s effort to ban asbestos usage today, there are still thousands of buildings in the past – both commercial and residential – that were built using it.

Most of these structures are still standing to this day, and as you may be aware , being exposed to this mineral can cause severe respiratory conditions such as lung cancer or asbestosis. That is why only trained professionals should be the dealing with asbestos and not you.

For an easier and much safer approach, you can hire us at RiverCity Asbestos (RCA) to carry out the removal,  disposal and decontamination for you. We are equipped with the right skills, licences and specialised equipment to get rid of asbestos-containing products for you in the safest and cleanest manner possible.

QLD Asbestos Disposal Locations:


  • Benaraby Landfill
  • Birkdale transfer station
  • Caboolture Waste Management Facility
  • Caloundra Landfill
  • Childers Landfill
  • Dakabin Waste Management Facility
  • Esk Refuse and Recycling Centre and Landfill
  • Goombungee Waste Management Facility
  • Jondaryan Waste Management Facility
  • Killaloe Waste & Recycling Transfer Station Landfill
  • Lakes Creek Road Landfill
  • Lochlees landfill
  • Meadowvale  Landfill
  • Millmerran Waste Management Facility
  • Nambour Landfill
  • Pittsworth Waste Management Facility
  • Quilpie Landfill
  • Qunaba Waste Management Facility
  • Roma Landfill
  • Stuart Landfill Magnetic Island Chinchilla
  • Stubley Street landfill site
  • Yarraman Waste Management Facility
  • Yeppoon Landfill


However, it does not mean it would be impossible for you not to dispose a product that contains asbestos on your own. Take note that if you want to eliminate some products by yourself – voluntarily or in a condition where you have no choice – it is best to take the recommended precautions as advised by your state or territory’s information and abide by the rules set by your city council for properly disposing of these products.


These rules include proper packaging, notification, pricing, and weight limitation. You should meet all these regulations to avoid being penalised, which may cause you additional fees.


In the event that you find asbestos-containing materials in your home, it would be in your best interest not to do anything with it. If it is brittle or friable, do not go near it and immediately call professionals to handle the products as airborne asbestos fibres may be present. If it is non-friable, even if it is considered to be safe, you can wrap it with plastic or place it in a secure location momentarily until you can dispose of it properly.


Always remember to take the necessary precautions, for example as detailed