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Where to Dispose of Asbestos in Brisbane, QLD

One of the biggest consumers of asbestos-containing products is Australia. We used these toxic products to build homes and commercial buildings due to its affordability and effectiveness at insulating heat. Unfortunately, even with the government’s effort to ban asbestos usage today, there are still thousands of buildings in the past – both commercial and residential – that were built using it. Most of these structures are still standing to this

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Asbestos Containing Products Facts | RiverCity Asbestos Removals

One of the most commonly asked questions in Australia is “Which products contain asbestos?” Why? There are two primary reasons. One, asbestos is terrifyingly dangerous to your health as it can cause lung cancer and other respiratory diseases. Two, Australia was one of the leading users of the mineral until the manufacture, use, reuse, import and sale of all forms of asbestos products was banned in December 2003. Some Friable

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Asbestos removal cost in Brisbane – Why a site visit is essential

If you own an older home or commercial/office establishment, chances are your structure might have asbestos insulation. Asbestos is generally known as a health risk that increases lung cancer. If you are sure that your building has asbestos, please note that this substance can be found in both interior and exterior items from your fence posts to gutters to even the flooring of your building. It would be a very

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Where is Asbestos Commonly Found in Australia?

Where Asbestos is commonly found More than 10,000 Australians died from the rare cancer, mesothelioma caused by asbestos in the last 35 years. This means Australia has the worst death rate from this disease in the world, second only to the United Kingdom. It does not end there. Cancer specialists predict a further 25,000 deaths in the next 40 years. In 2014, there were 641 deaths from mesothelioma, and the

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The dangers of removing Asbestos yourself 2016

The dangers of removing Asbestos yourself 2016 A dangerous legacy of the past, asbestos still remains a threat in many Australian homes. Australia’s housing industry boomed, and from the 1940s up until the late 1980s asbestos products were used in hundreds of thousands of homes and buildings around the country. So, if your home was built before 1990, it is likely to contain asbestos of some sort. When planning to

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Replacing your Asbestos Filled Roof

Many houses around Brisbane have asbestos roofing when built many years ago. This puts home owners and their families at risk of breathing in asbestos fibres. As asbestos roof material deteriorates it releases toxic fibres into the air. Asbestos was a common building material in the early days in Brisbane. Since then its toxicity has come to light. Breathing in its fibres can cause serious illnesses such as lung cancer,

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