About Us

Our Company is committed to safe Asbestos removal in all Domestic and Commercial environments. We aim to provide reliable, professional and cost effect service while giving you peace of mind every time.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence and are fully Licensed and trained to undertake Friable (A Class) and  Bonded (B Class) asbestos removal.

RCA conducts ongoing staff  development and training  to ensure our methods and procedures comply with all  regulatory laws and Codes of practice.  (How to Manage and Control Asbestos in the Workplace 2011, Work Health & Safety Act 2011; Work Health & Safety Regulation 2011 and Environmental Protection Act.)

Our Values“Safety, Compliance and Service”

  • We endeavour to communicate openly and concisely in a timely manner.
  • Respecting the dignity of others including our clients, employees, suppliers, and authorities is important to us.
  • Through diligence and training we seek to consider the environment and natural resources.
  • Professionalism, safety, industry compliance and cost effective service are priorities on all our projects.
  • We value customer service and desire to demonstrate safe work practices, integrity and diligence.

Our Commitment“Peace of Mind Every time”

  • Providing a comprehensive service from Quote to job completion is all part of our commitment to you.
  • We aim to listen and understand your site specific requirements with open and honest communication.
  • Minimising the amount of disruption to your home and family or  business and clients is important to us.
  • We are fully Licensed, Certified and trained to industry standards and are committed to ongoing training.
  • We are committed to offering a cost effective service whilst maintaining the highest level of service possible

Asbestos Removal, Decontamination and Waste Disposal