Asbestos removal cost in Brisbane – Why a site visit is essential

If you own an older home or commercial/office establishment, chances are your structure might have asbestos insulation. Asbestos is generally known as a health risk that increases lung cancer. If you are sure that your building has asbestos, please note that this substance can be found in both interior and exterior items from your fence posts to gutters to even the flooring of your building. It would be a very bad idea to take out these items yourself.

First, you would need to know the proper way to remove asbestos without stirring up its fibers and dust. Second, you would have to have a government-approved dumping site for this toxic material. Third, throughout the whole removal process, you need to keep yourself safe and ensure that you or those helping you don’t inhale any asbestos fiber. Talk about a tall order. Thankfully, you don’t have to do this yourself. Protect yourself and your family’s health by hiring a professional asbestos removal firm.

Before you hire an asbestos removal company, please read the guide below so you can get a good idea of the costs involved in properly removing asbestos from your home or building.


How Asbestos Costs are Formulated

There are many factors that influence the cost of any removal project: type, location, obstacles, amount to be removed, accessibility. To get the most accurate pricing, you need to set up an on-site estimate with several removal companies in your area. Still, you can use the cost formulation guide below to get a rough idea of how much it will cost to finally make your home or structure asbestos-free.

Keep the in mind that accessibility issues like steep roofs, high locations, the presence of trees and shrubbery can make removal more labor intensive. The more time the contractor has to spend in preparing the area for easier access, the more your costs go up. To save on time and costs, try taking pictures of the areas you’d like the contractor to work on. This way, they can give you an advance quote without stepping foot on your property. You might be able to get cheaper prices because the contractor saves the time and effort they would have spent if they had to do a physical inspection.


Be aware of economies of scale

As a rule of thumb, the more asbestos you need removed, in terms of square meters, the cheaper it will be on a per square meter basis. If you’re thinking of having this harmful substance removed in phases, you might want to reconsider-you’ll end up with greater savings if you had it all taken care of in one go.

Does the asbestos ABSOLUTELY need to be removed?

If you’re worried about costs, you might want to think about how sealed in the asbestos is. If it is completely self-contained and there’s almost no chance of its fibers being knocked loose, you can save a ton of money by simply leaving it as is. For example, you can safely leave intact internal asbestos cladding or sheeting that isn’t exposed and is properly sealed or painted over. Alternatively, you can opt to paint over asbestos items to seal in all fibers.

You might want to consider the removal alternatives above because interior asbestos removal is normally very expensive. Government-required removal and cleanup safety procedures hire interior asbestos removal costs are the main reasons why internal removal work is often way more expensive than exterior removal jobs.

Keep in mind the reasons for the higher costs of internal asbestos removal

Improper or sloppy interior asbestos removal can lead to the contamination of your whole home as harmful asbestos fiber floats in the air and gets trapped by any interior fabric items like clothing, bedding, curtains, drapes, and others. Proper procedures to prevent contaminator cost more. You also have to spend extra on an asbestos fiber air monitoring analysis to make sure your home’s interior is absolutely free of airborne fibers. Monitoring typically costs between $1000 and $1500.


External asbestos issues

While external items cost less to remove, they can also be quite hazardous. Outdoor asbestos-containing items like external cladding, roofing, and fencing can get broken down by the elements. Thanks to their exposure to the wind, rain, and extreme temperature swings between hot and cold, these items might get so worn down that they release asbestos fibers to nearby areas. These contaminated exterior areas can pose a hazard to your kids as they play outdoors.


Know your exposure risks

Smokers, small children, and females are at most risk from asbestos disease. In fact, according to one study, smokers have an 800 percent increased risk of death from asbestos disease compared to non-smokers. Another troubling fact you need to be aware of is a recent study indicates that there has been a 250 percent increase in deaths of men due to asbestos disease. This exposure was due to DIY renovation work.

Take note that even a single exposure to a high dosage of asbestos can cause lung and other health issues in the future. For example, many people suffering from a form of lung cancer called mesothelioma never dealt with asbestos at work. Their exposure came from internal home renovations performed when they were children.