Replacing your Asbestos Filled Roof

Many houses around Brisbane have asbestos roofing when built many years ago. This puts home owners and their families at risk of breathing in asbestos fibres. As asbestos roof material deteriorates it releases toxic fibres into the air.

Asbestos was a common building material in the early days in Brisbane. Since then its toxicity has come to light. Breathing in its fibres can cause serious illnesses such as lung cancer, asbestosis and mesothelioma. In 2001, asbestos was designated as a hazardous substance with the government bringing in legislation for the safe handling of the material. Brisbane residents must rely on licenced expert for asbestos roofing replacement.

Call in the experts

Not just anyone can complete an asbestos roof replacement. You cannot just get up onto the roof to remove asbestos yourself. Doing this could put yourself, and anyone in the immediate vicinity at risk of asbestos contamination. Call in asbestos specialists to remove the roof. Removing asbestos is risky business. Asbestos experts assess your roof, and carry out the controlled removal of the old asbestos roof ready for a roof replacement.

Asbestos identification

During Brisbane’s early building boom, builders commonly used either asbestos corrugated roofing sheets or tiles for the roofs of new houses. The asbestos used in Australian buildings is white asbestos. It was cheap, and easy to get and to use. Never did they realise the danger the material posed as it aged decades later.

Steps for removing asbestos from your roof

Asbestos roof replacement is an important step towards securing your family’s safety. Replacing asbestos from Brisbane building roofs is a difficult process. But, the professionals have the right equipment and expert knowledge to:

  1. Stabilise the asbestos. Asbestos fibers can break free even with careful handling. For safety reasons, PVA glue is sprayed over the roof at the start of the job. When this coating dries, it ensures that any loose asbestos fibers do not break loose during the removal process.
  2. Remove the screws. All screws holding the asbestos to the roof are loosened and removed.
  3. Remove equipment installed on the roof. Many Brisbane homes have an air conditioner and solar panels installed on the roof. These need careful removal before removing the asbestos.
  4. Remove the asbestos. Because of the fragile nature of asbestos, roof removalists cannot risk breaking the sheets or tiles. Breaking them risks poisonous fibers entering into the environment for others to breathe in. We carefully lower the asbestos either by hand or using a mechanical life.
  5. Wrapping the asbestos. Asbestos disintegrates very easily when handled roughly so we wrap it in special plastic and seal it before removing it from the site. This ensures the worksite remains safe from contamination.
  6. Clean the roof. The roof is thoroughly cleaned, including the ceiling space and walls, using industrial strength vacuum cleaners. It is important to remove all traces of asbestos fibres now the asbestos has gone.
  7. Seal the roof. After careful removal of the asbestos and thorough clean, there is still a risk of unseen fibers lurking in ceiling, wall and roof spaces. Again, we spray a coat of PVA glue to stabilise any unseen fragments left behind. This gives home owners peace of mind.

For safe asbestos roof replacement, you need to start with a clean space. Once the asbestos is gone, and the roof area stabilised, you can have a new roof of any material of your choice installed.

If you need an asbestos roof replaced in Brisbane, it may now be time to act. You do not want an asbestos roof to compromise the safety of you and your family, or the environment you live in.